Biotech Pharma

Chairman's Letter

Since our founding, biotech pharma has pursued a consistent vision – To be the regional partner of choice in health care.

We have been an active partner in the advancement of healthcare in Egypt and the Middle East, which remains to be our main goal. To achieve our goal we strive for excellence in the products and services we offer, and are constantly looking for innovative healthcare solutions to meet the growing demands of our region. We appreciate our talents as our most valued asset, we are open to new ideas, and we respect individuals and promote team work to reach our goals. We choose our principles carefully, and reward them by offering them unparalleled services, mirrored by the excellence we offer to our customers.

We at biotech pharma constantly welcome new challenges, which we believe are the roots of our success. We meet them through our skills, dedication and constant pursuit of excellence.

Dr. Hany Sokar